January 31, 2020

   E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co., Wooldridge Boats, ACI Boat Builders and Three Rivers Marina are showcasing their craftsmanship at the 2020 Seattle Boat Show that’s been in progress since January 24: all with Rebel series drum anchor winches in tow. During the two-week show, ending February 1,  you can see the gorgeous “Slap Shot” from ACI at Lake Union’s Boats Afloat section of the show docked at 31; Wooldridges’ 33’ Deepwater Explorer in West 76 and Tom Nelson’s 30’ Offshore Duckworth at the Three Rivers Marina booth in North 145.

            One of several installs on a Wooldridge vessel; the Rebel EZ-5.

   One of the most popular units of our company, the Rebel series (EZ-4, EZ-5, EZ-6) has been the topic of The Outdoor Line talk show on 710 ESPN Seattle, hosted by Tom Nelson, and is considered the standard for charter fishing boats across the United States, garnering a particularly loyal following in Alaska, Washington and Oregon!

   E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. has been "America's drum anchor winch" for 30 years, and the Florida-based company itself has significantly expanded in size by building a new, 4,000 square-foot office, and added an itinerary of (20), boat shows in 2020. Additionally, the company continues to sign on new boat builders and authorized dealers across the United States, building strong relationships with Alaskan Charter fishermen who are converting entire fleets to the E-Z anchoring system, and bridging a deal with Carolina Skiff’s 2020 SeaChaser 35’ series that will come factory-equipped with Rebel EZ-4 units.

   Boasting a unique, patented motor system that eliminates from the inside out, the Rebel units themselves are completely manufactured with 316 stainless steel, making it the toughest and most aesthetic unit on the market and spools line off of the drum as fast as gravity allows: just give the "power up / power down" button a quick, 2-second touch of a button.


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