Knowledge Base - Series Drop and Retrieval Speeds

January 11, 2021

The Hero and Patriot series drop anchor at an average of 100' per minute. Our Rebel series, however, will deploy anchor, rope and chain as fast as gravity allows it to go.

Overall, our drum anchor winches retrieve rope at an average of 100' per minute. This varies because of the amount of rode on the spool: when there is less rode on the spool, the speed is about 80 feet per minute and when the spool begins to fill up, the speed is about 120' per minute. It is comparable to any drum anchor winch on the market.

E-Z Anchor Puller's Hero and Patriot drum anchor winches are direct drive, meaning you will operate the anchor winch by pressing and holding the “down” side of your rocker switch until your anchor hits the bottom, then pressing the “up” to slightly raise the anchor until your vessel is held steadily in the designated area. To retrieve your anchor, press and hold the “up” side of your rocker switch until your anchor rope is neatly spooled back onto the winch and the anchor is fully retrieved. 

E-Z Anchor Puller’s Rebel Series are true free-fall units. We say it is “true” free-fall because, unlike other anchoring solutions on the market who have “free-fall” capabilities in instances of emergency (a boat’s loss of power, a stuck anchor, etc.) our units are created to free-fall for regular, recreational and/or commercial use with deep waters in mind, every day. The Rebel free-fall drum anchor winch will deploy your anchor as fast as gravity will allow it. Your Rebel Series (EZ-4, 5 or 6) comes to you in a free-fall mode but can be made into a direct drive. Go to our online manual, Page 16 for more details.

For boaters who still want to control the deployment of their anchor but have the need for more speed, E-Z Anchor Puller sells an Electronic Fast Fall System (EZ-EFF) that doubles the drop-speeds of all E-Z Anchor Puller direct-drive units. Check it out on the product page.

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