Knowledge Base - How to Anchor with your E-Z Anchor Puller Drum Anchor Winch

March 19, 2021

To drop the anchor you should always go past your mark and put the boat in reverse to idle back. When ready, press down on your rocker switch to deploy the anchor. Observe the operation and ensure there is tension on the rope. Be sure not to overrun the rope on the drum. 

Once the rope becomes loose/slack, stop the downwards operation. If more rope is

required to be released; quickly push and release the “down” side of the rocker switch panel until the slack rope becomes tight again. When you’re satisfied with the position of your vessel and the amount of rope released, turn off your engine and enjoy being at anchor! 

When retrieving the anchor, start your engine and idle forward while pressing the “up” side of your rocker switch. Be ready to stop as the anchor reaches the top bow roller and is securely in place. Now, you’re ready to go find your next fishing spot!

Always have a spare rope and anchor in case of a power failure or winch failure in order to deploy the anchor.

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