Knowledge Base - Mounting and Installing Your Anchor Winch

January 04, 2021

Before you start, go to our Dimensional Drawings Page to select and download the information for your unit.

Next, download our updated Drum Anchor Winch manual for further assistance.

The unit can be mounted with the motor on either the port or starboard side. The pulling power is the same in either direction. Keep in mind the further the anchor winch is from the flat bow roller, the better the line will wind on the drum!

When mounting the anchor winch on the boat, you must have a flat bow roller protruding 12" to 16" out over the bow of the boat: this will allow the line to wander back and forth which helps the line wind level on the drum. Place the anchor winch as far aft as you can, approximately 24” to 30” or more from the flat roller.

When bolting the anchor winch to the boat's deck make sure the area on the deck where the anchor winch sits is flat. A straight edge should be laid port to starboard to check if the deck is flat. If the deck is not flat when you tighten the hold down bolts, it will bow the anchor winch to be misaligned. The anchor winch will not work this way. We suggest that you use at least three 3/8" stainless steel bolts through the rear of the puller base-plate and three 3/8" stainless steel bolts in the forward part of the base- plate. 

More Handy Hints for Installation:

1. Gearbox output multi-position flange (page 2) to drum bracket can rotate in eight different mounting positions for your motor and gearbox components

2. The drum must be in-line and centered to the guide roller or hawsepipe and bowsprit to ensure an even spread of the rope and chain to the drum.

3. Ensure sufficient room to run electric cables to the drum anchor winch. Follow the instructions in the manual including under-deck stiffening, alignment, mounting blocks and sealing procedures.

4. Both exposed wires from the winch motor must be connected via joiners/solder and then heat shrink, including internal silicon to wires (see cable chart, page 7 in Drum Anchor Winch Manual) to eliminate corrosion or water entering wires.


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