Knowledge Base - Common FAQ for the Electronic Fast Fall System (EZ-EFF)

March 19, 2021

The Electronic Fast Fall System is an additional drum anchor winch accessory designed to double the deployment speeds of any direct-drive unit. Redirect to the Knowledge Base to learn more about the product.

Common FAQ/Troubleshoot Questions:

  • Can I turn the EZ-EFF unit on and off? 
    • Yes! There is a silver, round button on the side of the unit you can press to enable fast fall whenever you'd like. 

      keep the “on/off” button into consideration when choosing the location of installation for the EZ-EFF system: should you choose to temporarily suspend fast fall, make sure the button is accessible. 

  • Can I use my wireless remote with it? 
    • Absolutely - refer to our EZ-EFF-2S100 or search in our Knowledge Base Blog to see wiring instructions. 
  • Will my anchor, chain and rope come back/retrieve at double the speed, too? 
    • No - the system is designed to engage in fast-fall 2 seconds after pushing down on your rocker switch. NOTICE - if your EZ-EFF is attempting to retrieve in fast-fall mode, switch the wiring terminals located on the "motor wiring side"
  • Can I use this to double my Rebel free-fall unit?
    • No! Our Rebel free-fall series is a true free-fall unit, deploying as fast as gravity will allow! Mechanically speaking, they are not compatible, however, there is no need for them to be: we consider our Fast-Fall system to be a "happy medium" between direct drive and free-fall.
  • What if my Rebel is in Direct Drive Mode? 
    • In this case, Yes, you can pair the Electronic Fast Fall System with your permanently set direct drive Rebel. This is because you made the decision to put the pin through the shaft, rendering free-fall permanently unavailable. You might consider this if you like the control of direct drive but have a bigger boat, OR if you simply have a larger boat in shallower depths that don't necessarily need free-fall. See the Hero, Patriot, Rebel Manual or consult our Knowledge Base Blog to find out how to make your Rebel temporarily or permanently a direct-drive unit

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