Knowledge Base - How to Operate Electronic Fast Fall (EZ-EFF) with the Wireless Remote

March 19, 2021

If you own awireless remote for your E-Z Anchor Puller drum anchor winch and wish to use it in tangent with our Electronic Fast Fall System (EZ-EFF) to double the deployment speed of your unit, follow these steps to install and operate:

First, connect theblack output cableencasing the yellow and blue wires on your wireless remote to the appropriate connections on your wireless remote's receiver box. The Black and Red wire terminals will connect to the “battery power in” side on the EZ-EFF System, located to the right of the "E" centered on your electronic fast fall system box.

The connections below are as follows:

  • Connect red positive wire on Remote Receiver to red positive battery terminal on EZ-EFF
  • Connect black negative wire on Remote Receiver to black negative battery terminal on EZ-EFF
  • Blue EZ-EFF wire to Green Remote Receiver wire for “up”
  • Yellow EZ-EFF wire to Yellow Remove Receiver wire for “down”

Before going out on the water, test the direction of the drum rotation and interchange the position of the cables connected at the motor terminals on the EZ-EFF is needed using your wireless remote key fob. 

View the wiring diagram on the EZ-EFF Manual under the Support Tab for further instructions or call 1.800.800.1640.

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