Knowledge Base - How to Operate the Electronic Fast Fall System (EZ-EFF) with my Direct Drive Unit

March 19, 2021

The EZ-EFF-2S100 is an optional drum anchor winch accessory designed todrop anchor at twice the speed for your direct drive unit, which by itself drops and retrieves anchor at 100' per minute, on average. 

To operate your Hero, Patriot or suspended free-fall Rebel (permanent direct drive conversion) in tangent with the EZ-EFF, make sure the EZ-EFF unit is turned on via the large, on/off button located top-side of the box above the "E" centered on the box.

Then, simply operate your drum anchor winch with the rocker switch as one would without the EZ-EFF: keep in mind, though, that your drum anchor winch is still a direct drive unit, meaning you must press and hold the button down/up to operate it. While pressing the “down” button, your EFF will be engaged after 2 seconds and drop your anchor at twice the speed.

NOTICE: The EZ-EFF-2S100 is not designed to retrieve the anchor at EFF speeds and all warranties will be considered null and void if this is attempted. With any questions or concerns, contact E-Z Anchor Puller at 1.800.800.1640

Download the EZ-EFF-2S100 Instruction and Operation Manual under the Support tab.

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