Knowledge Base - Operating the Rebel Series Free-Fall

December 17, 2020

To operate the Rebel series, press the down button for 2 seconds, then release it.

Your Rebel Series (EZ-4, -5 or -6) comes to you in a free-fall mode. The free-fall works because of a clutching mechanism (on the opposite side of the gearbox and motor).This consists of a clutch plate that has a metal pin that sticks out of it,whE-Z Anchor Puller Wireless Remote Control for drum anchor winchesich hits the clutch block (geometric-shaped block below the clutch plate). 

If you have a Wireless Remote Control, Free-fall series anchor winches can be controlled by holding the deployment “Down” button foronly 2 seconds, then for retrieving the anchor rode, holding in the “Up” button for the entirety of retrieval.

Included drum anchor winch rocker switch

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