Knowledge Base - How to Operate the Wireless Remote Key Fob

March 19, 2021

The following buttons should operate as follows:

  1. “Up” Operation (top left Triangle button)
  2. “Down” Operation (top right Triangle button)
  3. “Factory Lock” (bottom left Padlock button)*
  4. “On/Off” (bottom right Square button)

*for factory use only

After successfully connecting the wireless receiver unit to the drum anchor winch solenoid (see anchor winch manual), slide down the protective cover and hold the “On/Off” button (4) for3 seconds to begin operating the remote. 

For direct drive winches, hold the “Up” (1) and “Down” (2) button during theentirety of deployment and retrieval.

Free-fall series anchor winches can be controlled by holding the deployment “Down” button (2) for only 2 seconds, then for retrieving the anchor rode, holding in the “Up” button (1) for the entirety of retrieval.

The factory lock button (3) is used for manufacturing purposes only. 

To ensure the longevity of your wireless remote key fob, turn off your remote key fob by pressing and holding the “On/Off” button (4) for three seconds after each daily use.

See the Wireless Remote Control Manual under our site Support tab, or call 1.800.800.1640 for further inquiries.

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