Knowledge Base - Understand Free Fall & How To Use It

December 17, 2020

Rebel series drum anchor winches

E-Z Anchor Puller’s Rebel Series (EZ-4, EZ-5, EZ-6) is our larger, true free-fall series. We say it is “true” free-fall because, unlike other anchoring solutions on the market who have “free-fall” capabilities in instances of emergency (a boat’s loss of power, a stuck anchor, etc.) our units are created to free-fall for regular, recreational and/or commercial use with deep waters in mind. 

Unlike the direct drive series, the Rebel units are powered into free-fall mode by

Caliente Fishing Charters uses the Rebel EZ-5 drum anchor winch for charter fishingpressing the “down” side of your rocker switch foronly 2 seconds, then quickly releasing it. The anchor, rope and chain is then deployed as fast as gravity allows it to go. Follow direct drive steps to sufficiently anchor the boat and fully retract the anchor, rope and chain when it’s time to go!

Your anchor will be deployed as fast as gravity allows it to go. The free-fall works because of a clutching mechanism (on the opposite side of the gearbox and motor). This consists of a clutch plate that has a metal pin that sticks out of it, which hits the clutch block (geometric-shaped block below the clutch plate).

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