Knowledge Base - What is the Electronic Fast Fall System (EZ-EFF)?

March 19, 2021

The E-Z electronic fast fall system (EZ-EFF) is an additional accessory that can be purchased in order to deploy their anchortwice as fast as the direct drive capabilities currently allow (100’ per minute)for Hero and Patriot, and suspended free-fall Rebel units.

Install the EZ-EFF-2S100 in a well-protected area using the mounting tabs attached underneath the box. If not already done, mount the rocker switch panel to the dash, then connect the drum anchor winch motor cables to the motor terminals on the designated side of your new EZ-EFF unit.

Adding the EZ-EFF-2S100 doubles the speed of deployment on your direct drive drum anchor winch while also allowing you to completely control the drop by holding down the button until your anchor hits bottom.

 You can find the Installation and Instruction manual for this product under the Support Tab

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