What Gauge Wire Should I Use to Connect the Winch to the House Battery?

January 04, 2021

It is suggested that the battery be located as close to the drum anchor winch as possible. Go to our Drum Anchor Winch Manual, Page 7, to see our complete gauge wire guide.

Smaller diameter cables drop voltage considerably, whereas larger cables will reduce the voltage drop to the motor and the heat generated when operating the winch. Drum anchor winches are operable in the acceptable voltage loss range of 3% to 10%. 

In the boating world, the following is suggested:

1. 3% max voltage drop for conductors providing power to panels and switchboards, navigation lighting, bilge blowers, main DC feeders, and any other circuit where voltage drop should be kept to a minimum.

2. 10% max voltage drop on conductors used for general lighting and other non-critical circuits. 

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