Knowledge Base - The Difference Between E-Z Anchor Puller Series'

January 11, 2021

The Hero Series:

If you’re considering purchasing a Hero EX-1, EX-2, or EX-3, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Where do I boat?”. The Hero series is the perfect unit for boaters who love to spend lazy days out on the river, or for people who split their time between fresh-water lakes and shallower saltwater environments. We have three sizes, the EX-1, EX-2 and EX-3, that are typically used for boats 18’ - 27’, depending on the amount of scope you need and how deep you intend to anchor.

 ⅜” line is typical for this unit, and the series can hold between 125’ - 250’ of ⅜ line, plus 10’ of chain.

The Hero drum anchor winch’s drum, baseplate and drive shaft are all manufactured with 316 stainless steel and comes with an IP68 rated waterproof powder-coated aluminium gearbox and motor. For maintenance, all we recommend is a freshwater rinse.

The Patriot Series:

We have two different styles of complete stainless steel drum anchor winches:the Patriot Series and the Rebel series.The Patriot Series (EZ-1, EZ-2, and EZ-3) are all direct drive (power up/power down). 

The Patriot EZ-1, EZ-2 or EZ-3 is a popular option for fiberglass boats,mainly because they are discreet enough to hide away in the rope locker, yet still able to hold enough line to go fishing off of the coast. With the Patriot series,you can get all the benefits of easy anchoring without sacrificing the integrity of the hull or impeding on your boat’s design.

⅜” and ½” line is the anchor rode diameter of choice for most Patriot owners. The Patriot EZ-3, for example, can hold 200’ of ½ “ line, plus 10’ of chain. This Direct Drive series gives you more control over your anchoring experience without sacrificing precious time. Hold the “down” button on your rocker switch while deploying the anchor at an average 100’ per minute, then when you’ve hit bottom, simply hold the button up for 5 seconds to steady your vessel. 

One common question potential customers are concerned about is the fear of the Patriot (or Hero unit) free-spooling or “slipping” after they remove their finger from the rocker switch. Don't worry! This scary scenario is prevented by the worm gear mechanism, located behind the “E” logo, that acts as a braking mechanism to prevent this from occurring. Because our direct drive transmission uses 60:1 ratio worm gears that are responsible for turning the drive shaft drum spool, the “teeth” of this particular gear will hold the shaft in place, until you press that button.

The Rebel Series:

The Rebel Series (EZ-4, EZ-5, and EZ-6) are all free fall, which means you power down (push the button) for two seconds, then release it to allow your winch to free-fall. The Rebel series is by far our most in-demand drum anchor winch series. As a true free-fall drum anchor winch, this option allows for deep anchoring at a fast pace. Unlike our Hero and Patriot direct drive units, The Rebel EZ-4, EZ-5 and EZ-6 free-fall feature is activated after holding down the button foronly two seconds, then quickly releasing it while your anchor drops to the bottom as fast as gravity allows it to drop. We make our larger units free-fall because they hold quite a bit more line and are usually used for much deeper anchoring. The free fall is definitely quicker because it hits the bottom as fast as gravity can take it.

Believe it or not, ¼” dyneema or spectra line is the most popular anchor rode choice on Rebels, with most boaters achieving rope capacities that hold over 1500 feet! This is because the Rebel series has been a big hit in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry for many years and even longer in Florida because charters across the United States realize that, in order to catch the most fish faster, they need free-fall.

 For recreational boaters who need thicker anchor line, don't worry: you can achieve 100's of feet of anchor rode between ¼” rope all the way up to ¾” line, plus an additional 10 to 20’ of chain.

Handy Hints for Selecting Which Winch is for Your Boat:

Keep in mind the size of your boat, too,when selecting which drum winch is right for you. If your vessel is too large for the Patriot series and you still want direct drive, our Rebel series CAN be made into a direct drive unit either temporarily or permanently. Please refer to theManual for further instructions on how to do this.

All of our drum anchor winches can be installed above or below deck and every unit is insured with a 7-year recreational warranty/ 3-year commercial warranty and backed by our technical support team and authorized dealers. You can call us directly, toll-free at 1.800.800.1640, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

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