Knowledge Base - Understanding Pull Strengths of a Drum Winch

February 04, 2021

The strength of our drum anchor winches lies within the shaft of each drum anchor winch and each Hero, Patriot and Rebel is designed specifically for deploying and retrieving anchors on a boat. The further out an anchor is spun out from the spool, the more gravity works against it. Keep this in mind when selecting your rope, chain and anchor configuration, referring to the specific section of the manual with your drum anchor winch. Redirect to the manual here, which will open in another window.

Refer to the "Max Pulling Load" number and " Max Recommended Working Load" number in the performance chart table:

The "Max Pulling Load" illustrates the estimated pulling power of that particular drum anchor winch with one lay of anchor rode left on the spool, while the max recommended working load illustrates the pulling power when the anchor rode, chain and anchor is at it's closest point to the spool immediately before it is fully spooled back onto the shaft.

Example: You let out all 250' of 1/4" line from your Hero EX-1 unit (never let out all of your line), along with the additional chain and anchor attached. You press "up" on your rocker switch to begin retrieving it onto the spool. At the first rotation, your spool will begin to pull up all your anchor, chain and rode at it's max pulling load; however, with every subsequent rotation, that number will continue to decrease until it reaches the lbs/ kg listed at the max recommended working load number.



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