What Size Anchor Winch Should I Purchase for My Boat?

January 11, 2021

There are two main things to consider when determining the correct size & capacity of anchor winch for your boat: 

First,  what diameter & what length of rope do you intend to have on your anchor winch? A diameter of 1/8” for every (9) feet of boat length and a minimum length of 3 times the depth of water you are anchoring in is suggested. You can read more about Anchor Rope on our ANCHOR ROPE INFORMATION GUIDEpage in the Support Tab.

Second, the length of your boat may have some influence on your drum anchor winch size, so be sure to consult with our chart and rope guides on the "Which Winch for Me?" Tab and download our updated brochure under the same tab menu.

 Once those questions have been answered, you can determine the best size anchor puller for your boat then call E-Z Anchor Puller toll-free at phone number 1.800.800.1640 for further consultation or questions.

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