February 24, 2020

     If you're in Maine looking for a reliable, 5 Star Certified company for used and new boats, check out one of Clark Marine's locations in the towns of Manchester, Monmouth and Belgrade! Priding themselves for fantastic customer service and stellar experiences that avoid, “Bottom Feeder” boat sales, Clark Marine is just one of several new boat dealers to partner with us, having a 60-year legacy that believes your “leisure time [on the water] is serious business!”  


     One notable service Clark Marine offers is “preferred customer full service” packages that may cover winterization, storage, minor repairs, hauling, priority scheduling and other services depending on customer needs. This personable business takes the time to listen to their customers concerns and takes out the hardcore salesman and “VooDoo Math” approach so they can better treat their customers like family. It’s one of our favorite reasons why we partnered with them to become an authorized dealer!


Check out their website at clarkmarinemaine.com 

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