February 24, 2020

     Founded by World War 2 veteran Bob Hewes in Spokane, Washington, E-Z Anchor Puller is proud to have supplied our dominating drum anchor winches to the brand that has dominated Washington and Oregon river and ocean sportfishing for almost 70 years. With “100% all-welded” hulls, Hewescraft’s welded aluminum boats are 10 times tougher than the typical fiberglass vessel - clearly made for the rugged Pacific Coast wilds. “Alaska’s best-selling boat brand” is further prepped for rough terrain by manufacturing a “deep-v” design to their hulls, and if that wasn’t enough, each craft is water-tested and fuel efficient. 

     The brand’s integrity has garnered a loyal customer base, many of which are proud to show off their allegiance with Hewescraft hoodies, t-shirts and hats. Just like Hewescraft, we're dedicated to providing a modern, high-quality maritime solution to fishermen and boaters all across the U.S. Did you know Hewescraft customers have the option to custom-order an E-Z Anchor Puller drum anchor winch on their vessel while it’s being manufactured? Yea, we think that’s pretty cool, too…

     “Hewescraft has been manufacturing high quality aluminum fishing boats for over 70 years. We are happy to say we continue to build these great boats in the same small town where we started all those years ago – Colville, WA.” - Hewescraft website, “Our Story” 

Check out more at hewescraft.com


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