Hinged Pontoon Anchoring Solution

Hinged Pontoon Anchoring Solution includes Universal Mounting Plate for EX-1, EX-2 or EZ-1


The Pontoon Anchoring System kit comes with the Universal Underside Mounting Plate and applicable hardware.

Attention: You must also purchase one of these drum anchor winches to complete the system.

E-Z Anchor Puller Manufacturing Company has identified the growing desire of pontoon boat owners to have an automated anchoring solution much like a windlass but pontoon boats all have the same common problem of no chain fall distance into a rope locker.

A drum anchor winch is the only viable alternative, but existing above deck mounted drum anchor winch solutions are cheap, plastic, unsightly tripping hazards with the anchor line & bow roller and they prevent the boater from un-obstructed use of the deck. They can be in the way when trailering or moving with a forklift and they don’t offer integration with the boat’s helm controls.

E-Z Anchor Puller has designed The HERO drum anchor winch tritoon anchoring system, a below deck solution available for any brand and any length pontoon boat, it simply and quickly mounts to the underside of the deck out of the way. 

An included universal underside mounting bracket will span the distance between 2 aluminum pontoon or tritoon frame crossmembers, made of aluminum plate with elongated slots that create adjustable install points, the universal underside mounting bracket is designed to fit all pontoon and tritoon boats. 

A HERO drum anchor winch is mounted to this universal underside mounting bracket. The universal underside mounting bracket also has threaded holes for install points to mount the waterproof wifi camera used for remote monitoring of the drum anchor winch under the boat with smartphone. Use of a wireless remote control allows the user to operate the drum anchor winch form anywhere on the boat.

The system consists of a retractable or hinged anchor roller system attached to a
n aluminum square tube raceway is mounted perpendicular to the C or Z channel aluminum cross members to provide a pathway for the rope and chain to travel from the anchor roller to the drum anchor winch.

The hinged system is designed to collapse up and out of the way from the front of the pontoon or tritoon boat with a spring that will push the anchor roller forward and drop the anchor when the tension on the rope is released from the drum anchor winch unwinding. 

The retractable system is designed to collapse under the boat out of sight, out of the way. The spring inside the retractable raceway pushes the anchor roller out 10"-12" when the tension on the rope is released from the drum anchor winch unwinding allowing the anchor roller to be seen when deploying the anchor.

As it is becoming more popular for pontoons and tritons to have an aluminum sheeting or under-skinning that protects the wooden floor of the boat from water splash. This aluminum sheeting makes drilling holes into crossmember and using traditional hex nuts to fasten the brackets and mounting points to the aluminum crossmembers very difficult.

Both of these systems hinged or retractable use plus nuts or rivet nuts to create fastening points in the aluminum cross members to bolt the mounting tabs and bracelets of the raceway and universal mounting bracket to the underside of the crossmember of pontoon / tritoons with under skin or sheeting..

Using plus nuts or rivet nuts, the OEM manufacturer can pre-locate the ideal mounting points to the underside on the pontoon or tritoon boat and the drum anchor system can be mounted at the factory, at the dealership , or in the aftermarket by the end user.