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E-Z Anchoring Accessories


Foot Switches

UP & DOWN switch with a safety cover to prevent accidental push button operation. Usually mounted on deck near the anchor windlass. Available with black or white cover. Sold in pair

Model Number
Autodrop Wireless Remote Controls
With a radio control installed you will have full control of windlass operation wherever you are on board. The control consists of a transmitter and a receiver. With the autodrop function your Highspeed E-Z Anchor Products windlass feels like a free fall windlass but with full control. The windlass will run automatically for 40 seconds ( approx 25m / 80ft ) before stopping. To enable the autodrop just press the DOWN button on your transmitter.


To stop the autodrop at any time, press DOWN once on the receiver. When stopped you have immediately full grip on your chain and rope that are not the case with other free fall windlass that must run up for some time before you have grip on your chain and rope. Standard with 4 channel output 12 and 24v operate your windlass and bowthruster .
Model Number Description
EZ-91354 4 channels - 12/24 v
Regular & Reverse Solenoids

Operates anchor windlass system from 400 to 5000 watts 12 & 24 volts. The solenoids are reliable and compact in size. The external connections on the solenoids make them very easy to install.

Model Number Supply V
EZ-501 12 volts
EZ-503 12 volts
EZ-504 24 volts
EZ-501 12v / EZ-504 24v EZ-503

Wiring 2 connector motor Wiring 3 connector motor Wiring 2 connector motor

Thermal Circuit Breaker

Water and vapor proof automatic windlass fuses. Combines switching and circuit breaking into one unit.

Model Number
Fuse Size
  80 Amp.  900
100 Amp.  900 
135 Amp.  1200-1500