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CLASSIC Series Anchor Pullers

  E-Z Anchor Puller has been creating the best anchor pullers for 25 years. Our product has been the best friend to many fishermen - commercial or sport and charter captains of Scuba and snorkel boats, as they rely on their E-Z Anchor Pullers every day!


Push Button From Your Helm, NEVER Go Out on Your Bow!

Pull your anchor and 300' of line in approx. (3) minutes by remote button. You never need to leave your seat, just push the UP button and your anchor comes from the bottom and rests in the anchor holder on your bow.

Anchoring is made easy, fast, and reliable with an E-Z Anchor Puller.

•No Need to Tie Off Your Line to a cleat when at Anchorage! E-Z Anchor Pullers can not unwind without pushing the button.
•Since there is no need to leave your controls, there is no risk of slipping / falling in the water!
•No risk of back injury. Your age, strength, or abilities will no longer determine if you can get out on the water alone.

Watch the CLASSIC Series Anchor Puller in Action !

CLASSIC Series Features:

    •Sizes available for 20’ to 80’ boats.
    •Extremely simple to use and easy to operate
    •5 sizes for different sized boats and amounts of line
    •To protect the motor, the circuit breaker will trip out if there is a power overload (for example if the anchor is stuck on the bottom)
    •Drum Shaft on a serviceable bearing center for smooth hassle free operation even under full load.
    •All E-Z Anchor Puller CLASSIC Series Anchor pullers are supplied with Circuit Breaker, Helm Control Switch and Fascia Panels, and Fiberglass Cover
    •3 Year Warranty



    Spend Less Time Dealing with the Head & Back Aches of Anchoring,

    Broken Windlasses, & Big Orange Balls! $ave Money / Time / Labor,

    You’ll Spend More Time Catch’n Fish and Make More Money!

    •You Don’t Need a First Mate or Partner When You Have an E-Z Anchor Puller.
    •Move location to location with ease, in less time. You catch more fish and make more money.
    •No more tangled or knotted anchor line. Rope & Chain Does Not Twist!
    •Line Speed Increases with Each Revolution! Line Spooled On / Off up to 108 ft per Minute!

    Installation Instructions and Service Manual provided, and backed by E-Z Anchor Puller’s 3 year limited warranty!

    •Maximum Line Pull capability 2,500 (lbs) when powering the motor to pull the anchor up.
    •Maximum Line Hold capability 25,000 (lbs) when the vessel is anchored and not powering the motor.
    •Lowering the CLASSIC Series Anchor puller will use 65 amps and raising the anchor will use up to 120 amps

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    The CLASSIC SERIES Anchor Puller is Built From Quality Components & Very Resistant To Salt Water !

    •12v or 24v volt electric, marine grade painted motor
    •Cast Alumunum, Gear Reducer & worm gear housing
    •Bronze gears lubricated with 90 weight oil
    •PVC Mounting brackets and base plate
    •Solid stainless steel spools and line holders
    •Molded white gel coat fiberglass cover
    •Water proof momentary rocker switch & 120 amp switchable circuit breaker
    •All bolts, nuts, washers are stainless steel.