There are two main things to consider when determining the correct size & capacity of anchor winch for your boat. What diameter & what length of rope do you intend to have on your anchor winch? A diameter of 1/8” for every (9) feet of boat length and a minimum length of 3 times the depth of water you are anchoring in is suggested. Additionally, the length of your boat may have some influence on your drum anchor winch size, so be sure to consult with our chart in the link below:


Once those questions have been answered, you can determine the best size anchor puller for your boat! If you have any further questions, you can email or call us at 1.800.800.1640 for a free consultation.

When mounting the anchor winch on the boat you must have a flat bow roller protruding 12" to 16" out over the bow of the boat, this will allow the line to wander back and forth which helps the line wind level on the drum. Place the anchor winch as far aft as you can approx..24” – 30” or more from the flat roller. The further the anchor winch is from the flat bow roller the better the line will wind on the drum. The unit can be mounted with the motor on the port or starboard side. The pulling power is the same in either direction. The EZ Anchor Puller Classic Series anchor winch comes wired for installation of the motor on the port side, you will need to change the green and white female 18 gauge wires on the back of the switch plate if mounting the motor to the starboard side. When bolting the anchor winch to the boat's deck, make sure the area on the deck where the anchor winch sits is FLAT. A straight edge should be laid port to starboard to check if the deck is flat. If the deck is not flat when you tighten the hold down bolts it will bow the anchor winch to misalign. The anchor winch will not work this way. We suggest that you use at least (3) 3/8" stainless steel bolts thru the rear of the puller baseplate and (3) 3/8" stainless steel bolts in the forward part of the base- plate. For more detailed information, please refer to the E-Z Anchor Puller anchor winch manual on page 4 for Installation.

A minimum #2 gauge wire is required. For further electrical connection questions, please refer to pages 5 & 6 of the E-Z Anchor Puller anchor winch Manual.

The anchor winch requires about 20 - 30 amps at no load and while dropping the anchor. When pulling the anchor, amperage will go from 40+ amps depending on the load.

Possible causes maybe an inoperative or stuck solenoid, inoperative switch, inoperative motor, or loose connections. Try jarring the solenoid to free the contacts, if solenoids operate check for voltage at armature post and tighten connections on the motor. For more detailed information on how to identify and remedy the problem, please refer to the E-Z Anchor Puller anchor winch manual. Troubleshooting Guide….page 11 Test procedure for motor….page 12 Test procedure for solenoids ….page 13 Solenoid Assembly Parts …page 21

The shock load is mostly absorbed in the nylon rope that is used between the dyneema or spectra line and the chain. These units are designed to withstand the anchoring demands of the boats they have been suggested for, and over 30 years of manufacturing drum anchor winches has solidified our drum anchor winches as durable, tough and long-lasting.

Overall, our drum anchor winches retrieve rope at an average of 100' per minute. This varies because of the amount of rode on the spool: when there is less rode on the spool, the speed is about 80 feet per minute and when the spool begins to fill up, the speed is about 120' per minute. It is comparable to any drum anchor winch on the market.