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Download The Latest Product Manuals After 30 years of service we have retired the CLASSIC series and will no longer stock nor take orders for replacement parts. The PVC & fiberglass parts have been discontinued and are no longer manufactured. The motor, solenoids, and mechanical parts are available by calling the 2 vendors listed below:

Ramsey Winch Company: 1-918-438-2760

Western Motor Service: 1-800-810-0401

**Important note - the replacement motor is just the replacement motor - it does not come with the gasket (Ramsey part # 518018), o-ring (Ramsey part # 462015), jumper cable (Ramsey part # 440315), woodruff key (3/16 x 3/4 carbon), pinion gear, or set screw. (please keep the pinion gear and set screw to reuse on your replacement motor). Please see the Classic Series Replacement Motor Instructions for more information.

Motor Part Numbers: MBJ-6302 3.4 12v and MUR-6302 4.5 12v and MUX-6302 4.5 24v

Solenoids Part Numbers: Ametek 15-341 12v and Ametek 15-326 24v

Hero, Patriot & Rebel Winch Manual

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 Original CLASSIC Series Parts Diagram

CLASSIC Bench Test Diagram CLASSIC Series Replacement Motor Instructions CLASSIC Wiring Diagram

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