New Recruits

Small Town Office, Great Pay & Fun Travel!


We are recruiting smart and confident women with basic computer skills to join our sales and marketing team introducing our marine products to boat builders and marine dealers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

E-Z Anchor Puller has just opened a new office in the small rural town of Sutersville, PA and we need 4-5 more woman to travel the country promoting our products at boat shows and using the phone and computer to reach our international customers through email, social media and telephone calls.

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There is No hard selling required, you will answer incoming pre-sale questions, call out to targeted business customers introducing yourself & our products and schedule follow up communication from people you meet at the boat shows.

Do you have basic computer experience and a positive /  helpful attitude?
If so we can teach you about our products and provide the online classes for you to be a productive team member and enjoy a long term & successful career while getting to travel for free! 


New Sales & Marketing Office Exterior

Christy, Aaron, Sara @ the Work Boat Show in New Orleans, LA

Easy Commute, Take the Back Roads and Avoid Traffic & Delays.

All positions are for 1099 Independent Contractors NOT W-2 Employees.
We are NOT hiring employees we are contracting service from independent contractors. Paying your own taxes quarterly is very easy and will enable you to keep more of your money through out the year. Full time 40 hours per week, Mon - Fri  9 am to 5:30 pm (30 minute lunch) with a base salary and shared team based commission. Healthcare Benefits and Retirement Investment programs will be reimbursed and invested in after 1 year. The following are the paid holidays, sick time and vacation policies:

Paid Holidays
- New Year’s Day
- Memorial Day
- Interdependence Day
- Thanksgiving Day
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas Day
- New Years Eve

Sick Time
- 3 paid days

- After 6 month, 2 weeks paid vacation
- One contractor off at a time
- No vacation during boat shows

Commission Structure:
In addition to your base salary you will share with the team a 1% - 3% commission on the gross total of every transaction on any new customer including the ongoing re-peat business with boat builders and dealers. See the commission examples below:
  • 1% on boat builder or dealer discounted orders average order range $3,000 to $12,000 = $30 - $120
  • 3% on charter captain or recreational user full list orders average order range $2,000 to $3,500 = $60 - $105
Below is a list of scheduled shows and locations you may be required to attend for training and promotional purposes based on other team members availability and show schedules. You will receive $30 per day for food and incidental expenses when attending shows and your travel and hotel arrangements will be made and paid for you with no requirement for expense reports or reimbursements. The list will grow over time and will repeat annually.

Seattle Boat Show - Seattle, WA
New England Boat Show - Boston, MA
Miami Boat Show - Miami, FL
ICAST - Orlando, FL
IBEX - Tampa, FL
METS Show - Amsterdam, Holland

Our current team members are listed below followed by available positions with job descriptions. 

Aaron Knopp
President / Business Development Manager
Product Development & Tech Support 
New Boat Builder & Dealer Development
Logistics & Marketing Direction
Website & Email Management
Recruitment of New Team Members

Christy Funk
Vice President / Sales Manager
Corporate Records, Insurance and Taxes
Accounts Payable and Receivable
Sales & Inventory Management
Boat Builder & Dealer Support
Travel & Hotel Arrangements

Sara Calderone
Office & Trade Show Manager / Inside Sales
  • Training and managing call center employees.
  • Sales force, Quickbooks, Autofy, Shopify, Gmail, Ringcentral - software teacher and password management.
  • Finding, evaluating, and booking trade & boat show space and completing all registrations and marketing for pre-show and follow up
  • Gathering new leads at the booth and from other vendors / exhibitors / dealers
  • Maintain trade show / boat show list for our participation and the shows of dealers and builders we will support with brochures and signs, display units, and social media promotion
  • Product retail display and signage asset management & tracking
  • Manage the ring doorbell accounts and assign to team members smart phones
  • Manage cardboard cut out production and inventory
Every one in the organization shares the following inside sales duties:
  • Using Google Docs to create/use letter templates and Google Sheets to organize data and import/export contact & address info. 
  • Answer incoming calls, processing orders from end users and builders & dealers, routing complex questions to tech support.
  • Make outbound Calls introducing E-Z Anchor Puller to new builders & dealers and following up with existing customers. 
  • Boat Builder & Dealer Support - Answering product, pricing, warranty questions and supporting all marketing requests using QuickBooks & Sales Force
  • Travel to attend boat and trade shows for 4-7 days per trip 6-12 times per year 

    Now Recruiting for the Following Open Positions!

    Online Marketing & Shipping Manager / Inside Sales - 1 position available, annual salary $27,500 - $35,000 negotiable based on experience and skills + 1% - 3% gross sales commission
    • Manage all SEO, pay-per-click, and social media advertising.
    • Review and track fishing tournaments and handle sponsorship / giveaways and share on social media.
    • Manage all outbound shipping, tracking reports and damage claims.
    • Manage daily weekly monthly inventory, sales, shipping reports, track orders against inventory.

    This position Online Marketing & Shipping Manager / Inside Sales can be self taught with no previous experience necessary. On your own time take these free courses and you can grow and travel with our company.

    Social Media & Online Forum Manager / Inside Sales - 1 position available, annual salary $27,500 - $35,000 negotiable based on experience and skills + 1% - 3% gross sales commission
    • Posting pictures and information about new orders, new dealers and builders, trade and boat shows to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter.
    • Every purchase needs to be linked to a person's, dealer's or boat builder's social media account and hash tagged.
    • Create hash tag guidelines and seek opportunities to get Hero, Patriot, Rebel, E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. mentioned and associated to other social media accounts.
    • Managing daily communications with online forums such as The Hull Truth, iboats, and user groups.
    • Daily check ins to multiple boating and fishing forums to post and reply to users threads advertising when possible.
    • Search the internet, forums and social media for all Hero, Patriot, Rebel, E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. mentions , pictures, comments shared to all social media and social media partners.
    • Managing email list and marketing campaigns.
    • Create and maintain unique usernames for each team member on all social media.
    • Each team member will join boat owner and fishing groups and friend request and accept friend request with charter captains and commercial & pro fisherman.
    • Review all team members post for unique and similar content on their pages, collaboration will ensure what is unique for each team member and what is the company's message.
    • Identify social media partners and and influencers, crate data base of what kind of influencer and following and what if any programs they have to measure their participation and compensate them.
    • Create programs to measure influencer participation and compensate them.
    • Trade show, boat show and dealer and boat builder visits will be shared through network of influencers.
    • The location of the display units will be posted and shared through the dealership and sales staff social media.
    • Every display interaction can be shard as a selfie to the visitors and ez anchor social media.

    This position Social Media & Online Forum Manager / Inside Sales can be self taught with no previous experience necessary. On your own time take these free courses and you can grow and travel with our company.

    Graphic Content Manager / Inside Sales & Marketing Associate - 1 position available, annual salary $27,500 - $35,000 negotiable based on experience and skills + 1% - 3% gross sales commission

    We are looking for ONE person with a passion for videography & photography who can DO IT ALL by themselves and loves to travel to capture video & photos then edit them for our social media and website.

    Our new team member must have the following skills and be able to complete all of the tasks required.

    • Travel to attend boat shows for 4-7 days per trip 6-12 times per year.
    • Graphic arts skills for logo and vector image creation.
    • Video & Photo production, editing and graphic design skills to manage website, social media and brochure design.
    • Create and manage a In-house studio & go out on special assignment travel.
    • Directing and producing in-house video of team members discussing orders and special customer stories with LIVE call out / call in interaction with customers.
    • Directing and producing on-site video and photos of end users, dealers or boat builders product installations, operation and testimonials.
    • Collecting images and video from other team members and boat builders, dealers, end users, influencers and optimize, improve, add logos, save on google drive and share back for social media manager.
    • Create new brochures and maintaining inventory and printing services.
    • Customize brochures with dealer information labels and mail out.
    • Create photo and video samples for the social media rebate plan.
    • Manage social media rebate plan submittals for quality standards, reject and approve for payment.
    Below is a list of responsibilities that require education with the included program links:

    These descriptions may change as needed but you will receive sufficient notification and further training. Please feel free to reply with any comments or questions you may have and I will answer them as best I can.

    Please fill out the requested information below and attach any resume or photos you would like us to review. After the team reviews your information if you are selected as a successful candidate, I will be very happy to offer you a position here at E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. CO. 

    Best Regards,
    Aaron Knopp
    E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co.

    All new recruits will need to complete the following intake form.

    We are building a long term team and will be investing our time & hundreds of dollars into each members education in software and our product knowledge.

    The responsibility of managing our key customer accounts and traveling to represent us at boat shows across the country demands that we thoroughly evaluate each recruits abilities and personality traits so we can decide if you will be a good fit for the company. 

    The career opportunities that we are offering are unique and non traditional so some of our interview questions about your personal life may appear to be the same. It is important that we know these intimate and personal details to best evaluate your potential for success as a part of our team.