Pontoon Anchoring Solution - Retractable

Due to High Demand, the Retractable is Currently on Back Order Until 10.6.20

The Pontoon Anchoring System kit comes with the Universal Underside Mounting Plate and applicable hardware.

Attention: You must also purchase one of these drum anchor winches to complete the system.

 E-Z Anchor Puller Manufacturing Company has identified the growing desire of pontoon boat owners to have an automated anchoring solution much like a windlass but pontoon boats all have the same common problem of no chain fall distance into a rope locker.

A drum anchor winch is the only viable alternative, but existing above deck mounted drum anchor winch solutions are cheap, plastic, unsightly tripping hazards with the anchor line & bow roller and they prevent the boater from un-obstructed use of the deck. They can be in the way when trailering or moving with a forklift and they don’t offer integration with the boat’s helm controls.

E-Z Anchor Puller has designed The HERO drum anchor winch pontoon anchoring system, a below deck solution available for any brand and any length pontoon boat, it simply and quickly mounts to the underside of the deck out of the way. 

An aluminum square tube raceway is attached perpendicular to the C or Z channel aluminum cross members to provide a pathway for the rope and chain to travel from the bow roller to the drum anchor winch.

Utilizing a removable bow roller inserted into the square raceway with a square hitch & receiver style design this offers a quick-change ability to add or remove the front bow roller when the boat is fork-lifted from the front or use the fascia cover with integrated tow hook insert to put onto a trailer.

The self-launching design allows the anchor to fall when the rope & chain is loosened without being hung up or balanced on the roller.

The HERO or Patriot drum anchor winch can easily be installed by mounting directly to the plywood floor with included aluminum backing plate. With no external fasteners, no external electrical terminals and no external brush caps, ALL E-Z Anchor Puller motors are IP68 submersible waterproof with patented technology to eliminate any internal air inside the motor preventing condensation which is the number 1 reason motors corrode and fail.