Above Deck Boat Gallery

Rebel EZ-4 with 450' of 1/4 synthetic rope, 30' of 5/8" chain, 20' of 3/4" chain and 77 lbs anchor on a 34' Kingfisher boat by George Browning
Hero EX-1 with 100' of 3/8" anchor line, 10' of 5/16" 316 stainless steel chain and 14 lbs. anchor on a 22' C-Dory Cruiser Model owned by R. C. Guy Ewing
Patriot EZ-1 on a 21' Forake Hypermarine 625FR, provided by Hyper Mechanical Marine. 250' dyneema. 1/2" poly braid. 20' 5/16" chain
E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot on Canadian Boat Builder Hypermechanical's 21' Forake Hypermarine 625FR
Patriot EZ-1, provided by Adam Corso
E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot on a fishing boat
Patriot EZ-1 on a Starcraft Pontoon by Josh Davis from Twin Lakes Marine, North Carolina. This installation holds a Danforth anchor.
Patriot EZ-3 on a 25' Parker Center Console. 100' 1/2" rope. 30' chain. 22 lbs anchor
Rebel EZ-4 on 2019 Cobia 301 CC, provided by Capt. Matt Ruffing, Cape Coral Charters
 E-Z Anchor Puller's Rebel EZ-4 unit is installed on a 2019 Cobia 301 CC owned by charter captain Matt Ruffing.
Rebel EZ-5, provided by David from Caliente Charters. 600' dyneema and 50' of chain attached to a 33 lbs. Bruce anchor.
Rebel EZ-6, provided by North River Boats