Selecting Your Anchor Winch

  • HERO, PATRIOT & REBEL Series Spool Size & Capacity Chart.

    There are two main things to consider when determining the correct size & capacity of anchor winch for your boat. What diameter & what length of rope do you intend to have on your anchor winch? A diameter of 1/8” for every (9) feet of boat length and a minimum length of 3 times the depth of water you are anchoring in is suggested.

    For further assistance to help you determine the best rope size for the combined weight of your boat and motor, please refer to the ANCHOR ROPE INFORMATION GUIDE. Once those questions have been answered, you can determine the best size anchor puller for your boat. Click on the table below to open an easier to read version in a new window.

    HERO, PATRIOT & REBEL Series Spool Size & Capacity Chart is based on the Ingersoll-Rand drum capacity estimator located here E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. does not guarantee it will match other rope or winch manufacturers methods or results. Calculations are for estimating purposes only. Actual drum capacities may vary! The above chart is based on 80% of a full spool. When using chain to connect anchor line to anchor , the amount of anchor line must be tailored to ensure there is a maintained clearance between the chain and the base plate.