Selecting Your Drum Anchor Winch

Which Anchor Winch do I Choose?

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HERO, PATRIOT & REBEL Series Spool Size & Capacity Charts. The size of your boat and the diameter and length of rope and/or chain you want to have on your
drum anchor winch are the three key factors that determine which winch is the best for your boat! Standard maritime practices factor in anchor rode scopes that are 3 times the depth of the water you are boating in: keep this and your boating environment in mind when selecting your winch! What diameter & what length of rope do you intend to have on your anchor winch? A diameter of 1/8” for every (9) feet of boat length and a minimum length of 3 times the depth of water you are anchoring in is suggested.

HERO, PATRIOT & REBEL Series Spool Size & Capacity Chart is based on the Ingersoll-Rand drum capacity estimator located here. E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. does not guarantee it will match other rope or winch manufacturers methods or results. Calculations are for estimating purposes only. Actual drum capacities may vary! The above chart is based on 80% of a full spool. When using chain to connect anchor line to anchor , the amount of anchor line must be tailored to ensure there is a maintained clearance between the chain and the base plate.

E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. offers 3 series of drum anchor winches. All include our famous 7 + Life Recreational Warranty or 3 + Life Commercial Warranty. All series offer Patented IP68 rated water proof motors. All have 316 stainless steel drums, driveshafts, and base plates. So whats the difference?

EX-1, EX-2, EX-3 EZ-1, EZ-2, EZ-3 EZ-4, EZ-5, EZ-6
Direct Drive - Power Down and Power Up Direct Drive - Power Down and Power Up Free Fall - Auto-drop Down and Power Up
Aluminum powder coated gearbox and motor 316 Stainless Steel gearbox and motor 316 Stainless Steel gearbox and motor
For boats 20' - 27' For boats 20' - 30' For boats 30' - 55'


For over 30 years E-Z Anchor Puller has manufactured world class drum anchor winches based on direct drive transmissions that are power down & power up. These direct drive transmissions utilize 60:1 ratio worm gears which turn the drive shaft which is also the spool shaft of the drum. The extreme reverse load inefficiency of a worm gear with 60 teeth or more performs as a mechanical brake preventing the anchor line on the drum from free spooling. Our direct drive unit's anchor deployment drop at an average of 100 ft. per minute!

“If You’re Going Deep, It’s Gotta Have Free Fall !”


Unlike the direct drive transmissions of the HERO and PATRIOT series, the REBEL series drum anchor winches have a clutch and friction plate design to allow the drum to free spool when the clucth plate is dis-engaged. A quick 2 second push of the lower button rotates the clutch plate and your anchor line is released to free spool, dropping your anchor to the bottom at the fastest drop speeds possible. Once your anchor line is fully deployed, press and hold the raise button for 5 seconds, the clutch plate will again rotate this time clamping down on the drum and holding the boat at anchor. If you choose to temporary suspend the REBEL's Auto Drop FREE FALL feature and operate in a "power down" mode, just loosen the clutch block set screw on the side of the base-plate and lower the clutch block preventing it from interacting with the clutch plate. To return Auto FREE FALL,just raise the clutch block to the top of the slot and tighten the set screw.

You Can’t See It, But It’s There!

E-Z Anchor Puller REBEL series drum anchor winches have an internal structural frame stiffener inside the drum shaft. This internal frame stiffener connects both upper sides of the baseplate increasing the strength of the winch and preventing high torque wobble of the drum.

REBEL series drum anchor winches series also have an internal spring around the drive shaft that keeps constant pressure against the braking plate wich prevents the drum from back-lashing once the anchor hits the bottom after free fall.

As you know, 316 stainless steel is the most desired material for equipment on the deck of a boat. Other winch manufacturers have made stainless steel sleeves to slide over and cover standard off-the-shelf motors to prevent external corrosion, but the big problem is internal condensation. The standard motor housed inside the stainless steel sleeve or cover still rusts or corrodes.

Our Patented stainless steel motors are manufactured as stainless steel, not standard motors, adapted with a cover or sleeve. E-Z Anchor Puller motors use a patented system to mitigate internal condensation by filling the gaps inside the motor with high temperature plastic to reduce the internal atmosphere and lock the magnets in place.

All E-Z Anchor Puller motors are, four magnets, four brush, with brass brush holders no external brush caps and with calculated brush life of at least 10 years. They are lower wattage PMDC motors and are designed to match with the patented Electronic Fast Fall controller which is an electronic voltage booster for faster fall during anchor deployment.

The motors are not “starter motor” type, they are designed to run on full load for 30 Minutes at a time for 1,000 hours and operate smoothly & successfully on comparatively low currents. This is equal to using the drum winch under full load for 17 minutes every day, 365 days a year, for 10 years. Because of this unprecedented longevity the warranty on the All stainless steel motors has been extended to 7 Years for recreational use.